Emergency Notification Banner

An important component of the Maroon Alert emergency notification system is the use of web pages to warn the university community of emergency situations.

When Mississippi State emergency managers activate the Maroon Alert system, a yellow bar with "EMERGENCY: MORE INFO" and a link to the Maroon Alert web page automatically appears at the top of the university's top page and many other high-level pages, including any page with the "standard header" seen above.

It looks like this:

example 1 of emergency banner


example 2 of emergency banner

That functionality is now available to any MSU web site, no matter what server it is hosted on.

All MSU webmasters are encouraged to incorporate the emergency banner into their sites. The more web pages that use the emergency banner, the more people are likely to see a timely warning.

The emergency banner will only appear in the case of a real emergency or an emergency exercise and will vanish at the conclusion.

The Solution

To incorporate the emergency banner into your page, simply add the following line of Javascript to your page or header file at or near the top of the page:

<script type="text/javascript" src="//cdn01.its.msstate.edu/i/emergency/1.4/hazard.js"></script>


To see what it will look like on your page when activated, temporarily use:

Your webpage URL appended with "?bannertest=y"