Bomb Threat

Two types:

  1. Threats received by flyer, mail or email.
  2. Telephone threats received in an office.


Notification method to the campus population will include Maroon Alert (text messaging) and the possible use of public announcements via the Chapel loudspeaker. MSU personnel are encouraged to monitor the MSU Emergency website. A link may be found at the bottom of the main MSU website. The emergency website will be updated with the latest status and situation reports. Finally, during any emergency, the emergency call center Hotline, (662) 325-5555, will be activated.

Expected Response

Bomb threat
  1. Threats received by flyer, mail or email: Notify campus police immediately (662) 325-2121 or dial "911". Do not discard or delete any possible evidence.
  2. Telephone threats received in an office: Obtain as much information as possible from the caller. If possible, complete the Bomb Threat Checklist included in this document. If another person is in the office, develop a signal to alert that person to listen in on the call. DO NOT hang up the phone. Place the receiver on the desk and try to use another phone to alert authorities. (This could help in trying to trace the call.)