Shooter on Campus/Hostage Taking

Contact university police immediately by dialing either "911" or (662) 325-2121.


Notification method to the campus population will include Maroon Alert (text messaging) and announcements via the Chapel loudspeaker. MSU personnel are encouraged to monitor the MSU Emergency website by following the link at the bottom of the main MSU website. The emergency website will be updated with the latest status and situation reports. Finally, during any emergency, the emergency call center Hotline, (662) 325-5555, will be activated.

Expected Response

Shooter on Campus/Hostage Taking

In most cases, locking or barricading doors and staying inside a room is the desired response. However, use common sense and follow directions provided by the Maroon Alert system. If a shooter gets into your classroom, you must rapidly make a judgment call as to the shooter's intent - hostage taker or killer. There is no standard answer to this, and you must make a personal choice. If the gunman's intent seems to be taking hostages, statistically, most hostages survive. However, if the gunman is obviously a killer, then your options are reduced to "get out" (flee) or "take out" (disarm or disable the intruder). For an in-depth discussion of this concept, see this article.