Maroon Alert

Current Status: Normal

We are currently operating under normal conditions. If you need to report an on-campus emergency, call 911.

Should an emergency occur in the future, information specific to it will be posted here.

After-Hours and Holiday Numbers

Computer or Phone System Problems:662-325-0631
Guest and Holiday Campus Housing:662-418-2992
Facilities Management (Physical Plant):662-325-2005
Student Health Center:662-325-2431

Emergency Information

Important information

To report an on-campus emergency, dial 911 or 662-325-2121

The Maroon Alert System

Mississippi State University's main campus is located in a rural, low crime area. Serious emergencies happen rarely and are usually weather related—ice storms and wind events. However, a catastrophic emergency could happen anywhere, any time and Mississippi State has an emergency operations policy to address such cases as well as less serious emergencies.

MSU has its own nationally accredited police department. Fire/Rescue service to the campus is provided through contract with the Starkville Fire Department. Ambulance and emergency medical service is provided throughout the county by Oktibbeha County Hospital. The Starkville Police Department and the Oktibbeha County Sheriff's Office support our police department for special events requiring extra manpower. Northeast MS Chapter of the American Red Cross stands ready to assist with mass feeding and sheltering.