Maroon Alert Frequently Asked Questions

What is Maroon Alert?

Maroon Alert is a system of notification methods for the Mississippi State University Community. Methods of communication may involve an app, SMS texts, emails, or phone calls. Maroon Alert also activates messages on social media, university websites, and more. For more information, please visit:

What is Everbridge? Are we still calling it Maroon Alert?

The university’s emergency notification system is still Maroon Alert. Mississippi State has partnered with Everbridge, an industry leader in emergency messaging, to provide several enhancements to the Maroon Alert system. These include an app for smartphones, faster delivery speeds, personalized weather notifications, community messaging, and more.

What has changed?

Maroon Alert texts will now originate from 89361 and will request that you acknowledge receipt. This lets administrators know how quickly students, faculty, and staff are receiving messages.

How will I be notified?

When an emergency occurs or is expected, a Maroon Alert will be pushed to the university. If you have downloaded and installed the app, your first notification will appear there. If you have not installed the app, you’ll receive an SMS text. You should acknowledge receipt of this message by tapping the app button or replying to the text. If you do not acknowledge, the system will wait one minute and then try to reach you by email. If you do not acknowledge the email, you will receive a phone call and the message will be read to you.

Other Methods

Maroon Alerts will continue to be posted to, @MaroonAlert on Twitter, and the Mississippi State University Facebook page. The university is also working on new ways of displaying messages in classrooms, offices, and common areas. These changes will take place over time as available. Some emergencies may require the university to broadcasts messages on 91.1 WMSV radio, MSU TV, or loudspeakers (outdoor warning sirens).

Can family members or those in the community receive messages?

The community can register for SMS texts by sending MAROONALERT to 888777. These messages will originate from 888777 and will provide a link for more information. Subscribers can remove themselves from this list at any time by texting STOP to 888777.

Follow @MaroonAlert on Twitter to receive advisory and emergency information. If you do not have a Twitter account, you may text “on MaroonAlert” to 40404 to receive Twitter messages.

Is Twitter still being used for advisories & educational posts?

Yes. Educational and advisory information regarding potential emergencies will still be posted to Twitter. We encourage the university community to follow tweets to stay informed of developing situations on campus.

Why am I being asked to acknowledge that I’ve received the message?

By acknowledging the message, you tell the system that you received the alert and to stop further attempts to reach you. This also provides administrators with information about delivery speeds and success rates. Acknowledging a message does not opt you out of any future messages or situation updates.

How do I change my contact information shown in the Everbridge Portal?

Students, faculty, and staff should access the Mississippi State University Banner system at to update information.
Changes made in Banner should be reflected in the portal within 24 hours.

Can I still conduct a Self-Test to make sure I’m getting messages?

Self-Tests are now conducted in the Everbridge Portal. You may access the portal by visiting and using your MSU NetID & Password.

How often are alerts sent?

Text messages are only sent for testing purposes or in cases of imminent danger. We encourage you to save the number 89361 as a MAROON ALERT contact in your phone and set the notification tone to something that will get your attention. Twitter notifications may also be issued for inbound weather systems or other safety concerns.

Will I still get messages from the old Maroon Alert number?

No. The old number for Maroon Alert will be discontinued in January, 2019. You may remove this number from your contact list once you receive the first test message from 89361.

Why do some people receive messages faster than others? Is this intentional?

All students are members of the same alert group. Factors such as your carrier, location, service quality, and device may affect how quickly your message appears.

What do I need to do to get messages as quickly as possible?

The first step is to verify that your contact information in Banner is accurate and that you have opted in to receive Maroon Alert messages. Next, download the “Everbridge” app from your app store. Enter the organization code “msstate1878” and use your university credentials (NetID & password) to log in. Set a special notification tone so you will hear and recognize alerts. Finally, stay informed about potential hazards, such as developing weather. Weather advisories may be posted to @MaroonAlert on Twitter may not meet the criteria for a pushed (App, SMS notification, email, call) notification.

How do I install and set up the app?

The following document will help you download and install the app:

What if I delete the app? Will I still receive alerts?

Yes. You will continue to receive text messages, emails, and phone alerts if you delete the app. You can reinstall it at any time.

How can I get more information about Maroon Alerts?

More information is available at This site contains links to videos and response steps as well as Maroon Alert information. You can also email questions to Emergency Management: