If indoors, Drop, Cover, and Hold On:

  • Drop – Get low to the ground
  • Cover – Get under a table or desk and cover your head & neck
  • Hold on – Hold on until the shaking stops
  • Do not evacuate until the shaking stops and it is safe to move.

If outdoors:

  • Stay away from buildings, trees, poles, and other structures.
  • Continue to keep clear of buildings and other structures. There could still be a risk of collapse.

If in a vehicle:

  • Stop the vehicle away from buildings, poles, overpasses or other structures.
  • Remain in the vehicle and avoid driving over bridges or other roadways that may have been damaged.

After an earthquake:

  • Anticipate aftershocks.
  • Be aware of other hazards (gas leaks, electrical wires, unstable structures, etc)
  • Assist others to safety.
  • Do not attempt to enter a building that has been damaged.
  • Report injuries and problems to 911.