Maroon Alert Frequently Asked Questions

What is Maroon Alert & how do I register?
Maroon Alert is a suite of notification methods the university may use in an emergency. To register for Maroon Alerts, visit: //

Can I check to see if I’m receiving notifications?
Log into your My.msstate account, and click Update Personal Information. Select the Maroon Alert link. From this page, you can verify your enrollment the system by sending yourself a test alert.

How will I be notified during an emergency?
Decisions regarding the route of delivery depend on several factors. Text messaging and Tweeting are the fastest ways to reach the most people. Emailing is usually reserved for instances that are not as time-sensitive, but need to provide additional information. Other methods may also be used, depending on needs and conditions.

How often are alerts sent?
Text messages are only sent for testing purposes or in cases of imminent danger. We encourage you to save the number 24639 as a MAROON ALERT contact in your phone and set the notification tone to something that will get your attention. Twitter notifications may also be issued for inbound weather systems or other safety concerns.

Why do some people receive messages faster than others? Is that intentional?
All students are members of the same alert group. The text messaging service sends SMS messages at a rate of about 2,700 per second. Factors such as your carrier, service quality, and your device may affect how quickly the message appears.

How do I get more information about an emergency?
Visit to get all available details about an ongoing emergency. The page may not be available immediately after an alert is issued, but will be updated soon.

What should I do if I receive an alert?
Follow the directions in the alert, but always know your surroundings and make adjustments as needed for your safety. Continue to monitor developments and conditions.

Can my parents/family join?
Family and friends may sign up to receive Maroon Alert Twitter notifications (@maroonalert). The Maroon Alert text and email services are not currently available to the community.

I am on the Meridian Campus. Will I receive alerts?
Visit your my.msstate account and select Meridian Campus. Since many people from Meridian also work or take class at the Starkville Campus, they will still receive Starkville Campus alerts.